Anko Marine


Andaman Shipping Agency

Who we are?

We provide shipping agency and related services in Andaman Island to all types of ships calling Andaman Island.

With a decade of experience in shipping agency services and reputation with the  various Government departments we provide exemplary services to the ships calling Andaman Island.

Anko Marine is a unit of Andaman Holidays Private Limited which is a boutique destination management company in Andaman Islands.

Anko Marine is a trusted shipping agency service partner in the industry.

Our Services

Port Agency & Husbandary Services

With our vast knowledge and connection in the region we deliver excellent Port Agency and Husbandary Services to the vessels calling Andaman.

Our services includes crew handling, crew sign on and sign off, repatriation of crew members, clearance and delivery of spares to the ship, supply of provisions, supply of bunkers, supply of fresh water, inward clearances, outward clearances and liasioning with the local authorities. 

Our Services

Medical Emergency Support

With our extensive local knowledge and connections we co – ordinate and organise best medical evacuation, hospitalization, treatment and complete the necessary formalities for the repatriation of the crew.

We have experience in providing emergency support services and provided services to the various principals, clubs and the Indian Correspondents of the clubs.

Our Services


With our local knowledge and connections we provide the best logistics support for moving your cargo to the island and inbetween the islands.